August 5, 2021

Journey: Roadmap to Your Faith

The home is where a child’s spiritual life will be shaped the most. It is where a child’s journey begins. It is where they should be safe to ask questions and safe to make mistakes and learn. It should be where their JOURNEY begins. Sure, the church and all of it’s ministries and programs can help, but those ministries and programs should not be the only time a child hears about God.When kids see a living example of Jesus or hear you talking about Jesus in the home, they more than likely will behave and speak the same way.

We need to be the example to our kids if we want them to grow up and live their lives loving God, loving ALL people, and loving the Church. All of this starts in the home and is the main reason I wanted to have this resource for grownups, like yourself, to take kids on an amazing journey in life. It’s my desire that every child understands how much God loves them. I want them to know that God came up with a plan to show them His love and that no matter how messy life can get, He is there to offer forgiveness. I want kids to LIVE a life that makes God proud and to know that, no matter what their age is, God has a plan for them. God loves kids and wants to offer them His SALVATION and FORGIVENESS.

Kids can LIVE an awesome life knowing that God has forgiven them.I know how busy life can get. I know at times our days are overbooked. Even now you may be thinking, “How will I have time to do one more thing?” Don’t let that discourage you. Enjoy this JOURNEY with your child and help them discover an amazing God.